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Annuario di diritto comparato e studi legislativi 2018


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Annuario di diritto comparato e studi legislativi 2018
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M. Graziadei, Foreword

S. Ferreri, G.M. Ajani, Comparative law and multicultural legal classes: challenge or opportunity? 

M. D’Alberti, Commons and land grabbing 

A. Veneziano, E. Finazzi Agrò, The use of the Unidroit principles in order to interpret or supplement national contract law 

E. Ioriatti, Internationalization and bilingual legal education in Italy: a methodology in transition 

A. De luca, Compensation schemes for damages caused by healthcare and alternatives to court proceedings in Italy 

G.A. Benacchio, Information et transparence dans la protection des consommateurs: une réalisation difficile 

M.A. Lupoi, Optional choice of court agreements in Italy 

A. Bonfanti, Corporate social responsibility and corporate accountability: the Italian private international law perspective 

M. Graziadei, Control of price related terms in standard form contracts: the Italian experience 

D. Corapi, D. Benincasa, The Italian law of groups of companies

M. Ricolfi, Security rights over intellectual property in Italy 

M. Magnani, The role of collective bargaining in Italian labour law 

L. Gradoni, L. Pasquet, Failing to protect basic human rights: the fight against poverty and the right to development in Italy’s legal practice

T. Groppi, Formal and informal constitutional amendments in Italy 

O. Pollicino, V. D’Antonio, The right to be forgotten 

F. Prina, Le procès des mineurs en Italie: trente ans d’application du code de procédure pénale des mineurs 

M. Ceresa Castaldo, Confidentiality of correspondence with counsel as a requirement of a fair trial 

V. Zeno-Zencovich, Data protection in the internet 

M. Tomasi, C. Casonato, Regulating genetic data in insurance and employment: the Italian «upstream» way 

B. Pozzo, Climate change and the individual 

M. Serio, Conditions of the recognition of the civil status of transexual and transgender people

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