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The Italian Law Journal 1/2022

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The Italian Law Journal 1/2022

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In Memoriam of Rodolfo Sacco

KATHARINA BOELE-WOELKI, Rodolfo Sacco’s Conception of the Comparative Law Method: A Brief Review

JAMES GORDLEY, The Legacy of Rodolfo Sacco

MICHELE GRAZIADEI, Rodolfo Sacco: An Intellectual Portrait


History and Projects

JAMES GORDLEY, ‘Stand by Your Rules’: The Problem of Rule Skepticism



MARTA ARISI, Open Knowledge. Access and Re-Use of Research Data in the European Union Open Data Directive and the Implementation in Italy

MAURO BUSSANI, European Administrative Law: A Project and Its Methodological Roots

MATTEO DI DONATO, The Brussels Effect of the European Union’s External Action: Promoting Rule of Law Abroad Through Sanctions and Conditionality

ETTORE WILLIAM DI MAURO, Smart Contracts Operating on Blockchain: Advantages and Disadvantages

GIAMPAOLO FREZZA, Art and Law: Authentication and Assessment Within the Italian Legal System

ANGELO JR GOLIA, The Principle of Solidarity in the Italian Constitution

LUIGI MARIA PEPE, Exploring the Possibility of Energy Justice in Italy

CORRADO ROVERSI, Facets of Power: A Few Thoughts in Light of Marco Brigaglia’s Analysis of Foucault

GIULIA SCHNEIDER, Legal Challenges of AI Supported Legal Services: Bridging Principles and Markets

FEDERICA SONA, Unilateral Repudiation or Divorce? Ṭalāq Betwixt and Between Diverse (Extra-)Judicial Environments

ANTONIO FELICE URICCHIO, The Future of European Environmental Policy in Appreciation of German Federal Constitutional Jurisprudence


Corporate and Financial Markets Law

GABRIELLA GIMIGLIANO, Payment Tokens and the Path Towards MiCA



ARIANNA ALPINI, From the Sense of Justice to Juridical Feeling


Hard Cases

ALAN HYDE, US Employers Can’t Be Required to Test or Vaccinate for Covid – Tough Road Ahead for Workplace Regulation

ILARIA MASPES, Digital Inheritance, Right of the Heirs to Access to the Deceased User’s Account, Non-Transferability Clauses: An Overview in the Light of Two Judgments Issued by Italian Courts

CHARLES F. SZYMANSKI, National Federation of Independent Business v Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration and Employee Covid Vaccine Mandates in the US: Federalism, Separation of Powers and a Disunified Approach


Insights & Analyses*

FRANCESCO MAIELLO, The Intervention in the Light of the Provisions of Serious Breach of Jus Cogens

ANNA MALOMO, Non-Pecuniary Damages: A New Decalogue

UGO MALVAGNA AND FILIPPO SARTORI, Cryptocurrencies as ‘Fungible Digital Assets’ Within the Italian Legal System: Regulatory and Private Law Issues




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