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The Italian Law Journal 2/2016

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The Italian Law Journal 2/2016

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CRISTIANO CICERO, The Italian Reform of the Law on Filiation and Constitutional Legality

MARCELLO D’AMBROSIO, Confidentiality and the (Un)Sustainable Development of the Internet

CARLO D’ORTA, The Italian Class Action: New Paradigm or ‘Much Ado about Nothing’?

TOMMASO FEBBRAJO, Good Faith and Precontractual Liability in Italy: Recent Developments in the Interpretation of Article 1337 of the Italian Civil Code

PAOLO GALLO, Transfer of Ownership and Preliminary Agreements

ISMINI KRIARI and ALESSIA VALONGO, International Issues Regarding Surrogacy

MASSIMO LA TORRE, Liquid Citizenship – Citizens’ Rights in the European Union

GUIDO NOTO LA DIEGA, Machine Rules. Of Drones, Robots, and the Info-Capitalist Society

PAOLO PASSAGLIA, Making a Centralized System of Judicial Review Coexist with Decentralized Guardians of the Constitution: The Italian Way


Italian-European Lexicon

LUCIA BELLUCCI, The Notion of ‘Cultural Diversity’ in the EU Trade Agreements and Negotiations: New Challenges and Perspectives

PATRIZIA GIAMPIERI, A Critical Comparative Analysis of Online Tools for Legal Translations



PASQUALE FEMIA, Carolene in Reverse. Contractual Interpretation for Dismantling the Dictatorship of ‘Discrete and Insular Minorities’ in Transnational Private Ordering Regimes

JEFFREY L. HARRISON, Some Inconvenient Truths about Antitrust Law and Economics


Hard Cases

VALERIA CORRIERO, The Social-Environmental Function of Property and the EU ‘Polluter Pays’ Principle: The Compatibility between Italian and European Law

SARA LANDINI, The Worthiness of Claims Made Clauses in Liability Insurance Contract


Book Review

RAFAEL A. PORRATA DORIA and MAURO GRONDONA, Guido Calabresi’s The Future of Law & Economics


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