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The Italian Law Journal 2/2017

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The Italian Law Journal 2/2017

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History and Projects

ERIKA ARBAN, Carlo Cattaneo and Gaetano Salvemini: The Modernity of Their Federalism

ANGELO DI FALCO, Nel Buio delle Folti Tenebre dell’Ordinamento. Justice and Law in the Provinces of the Kingdom of Naples During the Modern Era (17 th Century)



ALBERTO MARIA BENEDETTI, The Constitutional Impact of the Exceptio Inadimpleti Contractus

NICOLA CIPRIANI, Unioni Civili: Same-Sex Partnerships Law in Italy

FABRIZIO CRISCUOLO, Constitutional Axiology and Party Autonomy

CAMILLA FERRARI, Financial and Energy Contracts: New Demands for the Regulation and Categorization of Contracts

ANNA LASSO, The Civil Wrong Between Private Relationships and Social Order

VERA LÙCIA RAPOSO, Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life Actions (The Experience in Portugal as a Continental Civil Law Country)

YUICHIRO TSUJI, Godzilla and the Japanese Constitution: A Comparison Between Italy and Japan


Corporate and Financial Markets Law

MARCO VENTORUZZO, Corporate and Financial Markets Law: A New Section

LUCA ENRIQUES AND MATTEO GARGANTINI, The Expanding Boundaries of MiFID’s Duty to Act in the Client’s Best Interest: The Italian Case

FRANCESCO DENOZZA AND ALESSANDRA STABILINI, Principals vs Principals: The Twilight of the ‘Agency Theory’

MIRIAM ALLENA AND FRANCESCO GOISIS, The 2016 Italian Consolidated Law on Public Entities Owned Companies: Towards a More Consistent Private Law Approach

FEDERICO PERNAZZA, The Legal Transplant into Italian Law of the Procédure d’Alerte. Duties and Responsibilities of the Companies’ Bodies


Hard Cases


LETIZIA COPPO, The Grand Chamber’s Stand on the Punitive Damages Dilemma (Commentary to Corte di Cassazione 5 July 2017 no 16601)*


Short Symposium on the Right to Be Forgotten: An Italian Overview

FRANCESCO DI CIOMMO, Privacy in Europe After Regulation (EU) No 2016/679: What Will Remain of the Right to Be Forgotten?

ORESTE POLLICINO AND GIOVANNI DE GREGORIO, Privacy or Transparency? A New Balancing of Interests for the Right to Be Forgotten in the Field of Personal Data Published in Public Registers


Book Review

JACEK GOŁACZYŃSKI, Review of a Monograph: Das Grundbuch im Europa des XXI. Jahrhunderts Edited by Arkadiusz Wudarski


* The decision has been translated by Francesco Quarta.


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