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The Italian Law Journal 2/2020

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The Italian Law Journal 2/2020

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SALVATORE ACETO DI CAPRIGLIA, An Anthropological Reading of Surrogacy and the Role of Supreme Courts

MARCO ANGELONE, New Forms of Guarantee: The Unifying Role of Legal Principles and General Clauses

DMITRY E. BOGDANOV, A Model of Liability for Harm Caused to the Patient by Use of Bioprinting Technologies: A View into the Future

SARA COCCHI AND MARIAROSARIA GUGLIELMI, Gender Equality in the Judiciary: Experiences and Perspectives from Italy

ALFIO GUIDO GRASSO, A Critical View on the Italian Ban of Surrogacy: Constitutional Limits and Altruistic Values

MARTA INFANTINO, Measuring (the Effects of) Measurements: Four Global Legal Indicators in Italy


Hard Cases

JORGE MORAIS CARVALHO, Airbnb Ireland Case: One More Piece in the Complex Puzzle Built by the CJEU Around Digital Platforms and the Concept of Information Society Service

MARISA MELI, The Environment, Health, Employment. Ilva’s Never Ending Story

ANTONIO PANICHELLA, Legal System and Sports System: Two in One?

ALESSANDRA SANTANGELO, Irreducible Life Sentences and Rehabilitation. A Point of Juncture Between Strasbourg and Rome


Corporate and Financial Markets Law

GIOVANNI GAUDIO, Financial Crisis, Excessive Pay and Fat Cats. Why Employment Scholars Should Start Reflecting on Regulation of Executive Remuneration

DARIO SCARPA, Contractual Principle of Intra Vires and Information as a Function of Proper Corporate Governance

MAURICIO TRONCOSO REIGADA, The Spanish Reform of Director’s Duties and Liabilities


SHORT SYMPOSIUM ‘PSPP (BVerfG, 5 May 2020) and the Future of the European Integration’


FRANCESCA BIGNAMI, The German Right to Fiscal Stability and the Counter-Majoritarian Difficulty: The PSPP Judgment of 5 May, 2020

ANDREA GUAZZAROTTI, ‘It’s the (Asymmetric) Economy, Stupid!’ Some Remarks on the Weiss Case of the Bundesverfassungsgericht

CLAUDIA AMODIO, The Wind of Change. On Some EU-Related Transformations of German and French Judicial Discourses


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