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The Italian Law Journal 2/2021

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The Italian Law Journal 2/2021

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History and Projects

MARIANO CROCE AND MARCO GOLDONI, From Pluralism to the Material Constitution and Back

MARCO BRIGAGLIA, The Will to Order: In Conversation with Mariano Croce and Marco Goldoni on Costantino Mortati’s Account of the Legal Order and the Material Constitution

DARIO MARTIRE, Institutionalism and Plurality of Legal Orders Between Legitimacy and Constitutional Axiology

STEFANO PIETROPAOLI, The Obsession with Order



FRANCESCA BERTELLI, Dealing with the Dieselgate Scandal in the US and EU

ELENA CARUSO, ‘Much Ado About Nothing?’ The New Policy on Early Medical Abortion (EMA) in Italy

ELISA DE BELVIS, Digital Data and Privacy Between Partners: A Critical Approach to a Technological Family Law Issue

RICCARDO DE CARIA, ‘Offers They Can’t Refuse’: Assessing the Impact on Business and Society At-Large of the Recent Fortune of Anti-Discrimination Laws and Policies

HAO JIANG, The Three Myths of Tort Law in the Chinese Civil Code

FILIPPO MAISTO, Subsidiarity and the New Frontiers of Freedom of Contract

FEDERICA NANCI, The Bounded-Rationality Model in Italian Over-Indebtedness Regulation

CARLA PERNICE, Bitcoin: Civil Law Topics and Issues

SABRINA PRADUROUX, The Right to Know One’s Genetic Origins: A Right in Need of Regulation

MONICA ROSINI, Recent Normative Developments in Women’s Political Representation in the Italian Regions

RAFFAELLO SANTAGATA DE CASTRO, Antidiscrimination Law in the Italian Courts: New Frontiers on the Topic in the Age of Algorithms

EMILIO TOSI, Unlawful Data Processing Prevention and Strict Liability Regime Under EU GDPR


Corporate and Financial Markets Law

PAOLO BUTTURINI, Long-Lasting Companies and the Withdrawal Right in Italy



MANOLITA FRANCESCA, Commons and Patent Law at a Crossroad


‘Inter-Legality: Exploring Its Scope and Rationale’

GIANLUIGI PALOMBELLA, Inter-Legality: On Interconnections and ‘External’ Sources

ALBERTO DI MARTINO, The Importance of Being a Case. Collapsing of the Law upon the Case in Interlegal Situations

EDOARDO CHITI, Administrative Inter-Legality. A Hypothesis

GÜRKAN ÇAPAR, From Conflictual to Coordinated Interlegality: The Green New Deals Within the Global Climate Change Regime

SÜMEYYE ELIF BIBER, Inter-Legality and Surveillance Technologies

GIULIA PRIORA, The ‘Two Suns’ of EU Digital Copyright Law: Reconciling Rightholders’ and Users’ Interests via Interlegality


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