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The Italian Law Journal 2/2022

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The Italian Law Journal 2/2022

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In Memoriam

CHRISTOPHER HEATH, Law and Legal Mentality Between Italy and Germany. In memoriam Carlo Luigi Ubertazzi



ANNALISA COCCO, The Role of Energy Communities in the Energy Transition

FEDERICO CONSULICH, The Impact of Organisational Factor on Negligence Offences in Italy

MANOLITA FRANCESCA, The Grand Game. Social Networks and ‘Contract-Based’ Good Morals

FEDERICO GASPARINETTI, Fast and Furious: Is German Regulation on Automated Vehicles Forging Ahead?

KATARZYNA KAMIŃSKA, Post-Separation Parenting: Contemporary Trends and Challenges

GIANLUIGI PALOMBELLA, On Fundamental Rights and Common Goals: At Home and Abroad

FELICE PIEMONTESE, Preventing and Fighting Organized Crime and Mafia-Type Infiltration: The Italian Anti-Mafia Information Model Compared with US Civil RICO

PAOLO TOMASSETTI AND ALEXIS BUGADA, From a Siloed Regulation to a Holistic Approach? Labour and Environmental Sustainability under the EU Law


Corporate and Financial Markets Law

MIA CALLEGARI, EVA R. DESANA AND FABIANA MASSA FELSANI, Why Diversity? Gender Balance in Corporate Bodies

MARIATERESA MAGGIOLINO, The Tercas Case, State Aid, and Antitrust: Are There Holes in the Warp?

FEDERICO PERNAZZA AND DOMENICO BENINCASA, Pandemic Emergency Measures and Insolvency Laws

MARIA ELENA SALERNO, Adding Sustainability Risks and Factors to the MiFID II Suitability and Product Governance Requirements


Hard Cases

European Court of Human Rights, JC v Belgium, 12 October 2021

JOHN R. MORSS, ‘Fail Better’ or ‘Fail Worse Again’? Reflections on the Holy See, Access to Justice, and JC v Belgium



Italian Constitutional Court, 27 April-31 May 2022, no 131

AMALIA DIURNI, In the Name of the Child: Remedies to Adultcentrism in Naming Law

GIULIA TERLIZZI, In the Name of Equality. The Italian Constitutional Court Rewrites the Rule on Surname Attribution


Insights & Analyses*

CHIARA ALVISI, Drive and Agency in the Age of Algorithm-Based Decision Making

MARIA EPIFANIA, Uber and Digital Platforms: Private Law Issues

FEDERICA LAZZARELLI, The Mobile Borders Between the Right to Be Forgotten and Freedom of Information

SARA PRANDI, Medical Negligence During the Pandemic: The Italian Choice for Criminal ‘Shields’ and the Need for Further Reform

BENEDETTA SIRGIOVANNI, Informed Consent to Processing of Genetic Data



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